Monday, March 12, 2012

Flower Day
(BRA: Dia da Flor)


  1. Beautiful flowers. They remind me of morning glory flowers or petunias. Nice.

    I won't be back to visit or to leave comments. Why? You have word verification turned on.

    It is hard to decipher the words. Why do you want to punish people who do stop and want to leave a comment, why punish them with hard to decipher words?

    I thought it is nuts and for that reason, I turned my word verification off.

    I will try one time to decipher the words and if you are reading this then I was able to decipher them. But I won't be back unless it is turned off.

    1. Honest Abe, note takken and now word verification is turned off just like in this site:

  2. Lovely flowers - makes me think of the hopefully nearby springtime!
    I think 97% of meager snow has now melted! Should be 60 - 70 degrees this week in Eagan!
    LOVE your new blog header photo, Nata!

    1. Thank you Leif. I am in the middle of a big change in my life and I am having just a few seconds to the blog.