Thursday, February 16, 2012

This is CDP
(BRA: Isso é o CDP)

Here is my CDP mentor, Leif Hagen, in one of our adventures through the Minnesota Zoo. He also has an CDP:

(BRA: Este é meu mentor do CDP, Leif Hagen, em uma de nossas aventuras pelo Zoo de Minnesota. Ele também tem um CDP:


  1. Hello Leif!:)
    and hello Nataniel!:)

    A new blog!
    I´ll be back:)

  2. Gosh, Leif shows up everywhere! Good photos of him!

  3. Hey - fun surprise to see me on your blog, Nata! We're back from visiting my parents in Wisconsin this past weekend. Back to the regular routine tomorrow! LOTS of snow tonight in the Twin Cities!

    1. So now you are back to business. At least some snow in the Twin Cities you were all complaining about this "fake" winter. Here it has been hot, really hot, and the last 3 days were made by rail storms: some big and some small but most of our soy bean production was lost... :(

    2. Sorry! A little mistake... I made some trains to rain... hehehehehe... the correct is HAILSTORMS.