Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Silver cars are hot
(BRA: Carros prata estão com tudo)

This is a family reunion and there where 7 (seven) silver cars in the meeting. There were no more than 10 families and there where 10 cars which 7 were silver... So silver cars are hot in Brazil!

(BRA: Esta foto é de uma reunião de família onde de 10 carros 7 eram prata... Carros prata estão com tudo no Brasil!)


  1. Awesome! I saw just now that your blog is now part of the CDP blog community!
    Silver, silver or silver....

  2. Hi nathaniel... Welcome to cdp community. Thanks for giving us a chance to have a glimpse of laranjeiras do sul.

  3. Silver cars are popular indeed. White are usually the most popular but it appears that things are changing...
    Welcome to the CDP community !

  4. It's the same as the white Iphone :)
    Happy new year!