Monday, January 2, 2012

Flower Day
(BRA: Dia da Flor)

Beautiful small flowers on a garden just nearby. They are really pink and the effect is to select just the color I want to show and, in this case, just the flowers. I will start, from this post, a weekly flower day.

(BRA: Lindas pequenas flores em um jardim aqui perto. Elas são realmente rosas e o efeito usado é para dar ênfase a cor escolhida que, neste caso, é apenas a cor das flores. Eu vou começar, com este post, o dia semanal da flor.)


  1. Nata - I like your "Flower Day" theme day idea! Maybe I will join your meme from time to time. Our flowers are all under snow now but I have some flowers in the photo archive....

  2. Leif, I am thinking on adopt the Monochrome Maniac too... hehehe... Can I?

  3. Very nice! Benvindo to the CDP Family!