Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Afternoon at the pool
(BRA: Tarde na piscina)

During the summer it´s a joy to have a pool and a nice afternoon to stay outside even when some people don´t like it (like me). A very nice place to be is the Iguaçu Tenis Clube, in Laranjeiras do Sul.

(BRA: No verão é um prazer desfrutar de uma piscina e passar uma tarde ao ar livre, até mesmo para aqueles que não gostam disso (como eu). Um execelente local é o Iguaçu Tenis Clube em Laranjeiras do Sul)


  1. We will be able to swim outdoors again in May.....
    Now I go swimming regularly at an indoor pool!

  2. Hi Leif... We are having some good days to stay outside but the sun is too hot and it´s dangerous. We are enjoying a little of the outside pool but we are still using the indoor (and heated) pool.